Beaver Dam Car Wash is heated indoor self-serve with 7 oversized bays.

Our convenience store sells car wash supplies: Armor All wipes, cloth towels, air fresheners and window cleaning wipes, plus you can purchase cold drinks and snacks.

The car wash has these features:

  • Clean & bright with new equipment
  • Bays are time charged. $2.00/start and $ 1.00 per additional minute
  • A Dry Vacuum in every bay
  • Methods of payment: Visa, MasterCard, Interac (Debit), and approved ARI cards to purchase wash cards (Interac and ARI cards are in-store only)
  • Soft, hot water, hot rinse, hot wax
  • Hog Hair Foam Brush
  • Tri-Foam Wax


Wash Suggestions:

For the best outcome, we recommend you use the following services:

  • Apply pre-soak over entire vehicle
  • Wash with high- pressure soap
  • Use foam brush to remove road film (first check brush for foreign material)
  • Rinse with high-pressure rinse
  • Wax entire vehicle
  • Final spot free rinse highly recommend
Wash Instructions

Each bay includes these 9 modes. Read on to become more acquainted with the equipment.

  • Pre-soak: Turn selector to Pre-Soak. Apply Pre-soak (low pressure) to entire vehicle from bottom up, using horizontal movements. Great for removing bugs and road film.
  • Tire & Engine cleaner: Turn selector to Tire Cleaner. Apply low pressure detergent liberally to dry tires. Rinse off using High Pressure Rinse or get extra cleaning with High Pressure Soap.
  • High Pressure Soap: Turn selector to Soap. Apply High Pressure Soap to entire vehicle from bottom up using horizontal movements.
  • Foam Brush: Wash out Foam Brush head prior to use and wet entire vehicle (remove mud). Turn selector for Foam Brush. Scrub entire vehicle with foam brush to remove stubborn road film. Rinse with High Pressure Rinse. Using brush without foam will scratch your vehicle.
  • High Pressure Rinse: Turn selector to Rinse. Apply Rinse to entire vehicle from top down.
  • Wax: turn selector to Wax. Apply Wax to all painted surfaces. Rinse excess wax with Spot Free Rinse.
  • Tri Foam Foaming Wax Protection: Select Tri Foaming Wax. Apply using the Blue Gun to entire vehicle from top down, then rinse with Spot Free Rinse. Tri Foam is a high quality foaming wax that adds extra shine with UV protection.
  • Spot Free Rinse: Turn selector to Spot Free Rinse. Apply Spot Free Rinse to entire vehicle as a Final Rinse. To be used after high pressure rinse or after products such as wax.
  • Vacuum: Select Vacuum. Use Vacuum to clean all upholstery and carpets. Do not vacuum wet surfaces.